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NfP 365 Enterprise: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Not-for-Profit sector

As a Not-for-Profit (NfP) or charity organisation, you’re in the business of making a difference. But the world is changing. There are so many ways to interact with your cause, both online and offline, it can be hard to understand who all of your supporters are, and with so many worthy causes to compete with, it can be a real challenge to engage. We’ve designed a solution that can help. NfP 365 Enterprise (based on Dynamics 365) integrates with virtually any other system so you benefit from a single view of a single supporter. You can profile supporters and deliver timely and relevant campaigns using the built-in reporting and marketing functionality of NfP 365 Enterprise, turning one-off donors into lifelong supporters of your cause.

What’s more, in light of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we’ve configured our solution to ensure that your Not-for-Profit organisation is compliant now that the regulation has come into force.


NfP 365 Enterprise Factsheet

Report and track ROI, manage volunteers and donations, reclaim Gift Aid, monitor social media conversations and automate marketing activity, all from one central place.

Familiar and easy to use solution

If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 user you’ll find that NfP 365 Enterprise is familiar and easy to use. So you can start benefiting from your investment straight away.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Users can access the functionality of the entire Microsoft suite from a single platform providing an intuitive, efficient way of working that users will love.

Discounted licences for registered charities

We can help you access discounted licenses through the Microsoft Donation programme. If you’d like us to help you too please get in touch.

NfP 365 Enterprise Key Features


nfp-365-foundation-campaign-managementOne Central Management Hub

NfP 365 Enterprise provides one single system of information that all team members can access; from marketing to fundraising, so that your organisation can work collaboratively and transparently with full control over data.


nfp-365-foundation-donations-income-processingOnline Giving Integration

NfP 365 Enterprise integrates with major online giving platforms like JustGiving and Virgin Money so that you can manage income, profile supporters and run campaigns based on their  fundraising activity.


nfp-365-foundation-giftaid-tax-efficient-givingGift Aid and Tax Efficient Giving

The built-in intelligence of NfP 365 Enterprise identifies income which is eligible for Gift Aid reclaim. You can create a claim and check and audit it before final submission to the HMRC portal.


nfp-365-foundation-major-donorsMembership Management

You can easily and efficiently manage subscriptions and renewals for memberships. With NfP 365 Enterprise there is a configurable renewal process for product progression as well as  comprehensive support for family memberships and top up benefits. You can also profile your members and tailor communications accordingly.


nfp-365-foundation-legacy-recordsCampaign Management

People are hit with marketing messages so frequently that they have become little more than noise. That means messages need to be personalised, relevant and targeted to make a difference. NfP 365 Enterprise firstly gives you the information to truly understand your supporters, and then allows you to build strategic campaigns. Campaigns that turn one-off donors into life-long supporters. Advanced reporting means you can evaluate success, review and improve.

Plus Much More

Direct Debit processing

Store all data required to process regular gifts via direct debits.

Grant administration

Tracks submissions from start to finish.

Event marketing

Plan and manage your events.

GDPR compliance & consent

Be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The story of every supporter

Every single interaction collated to create a full profile.

Seamless integration

Works in harmony with other Microsoft products.

Dedicated NfP 365 web API

Uses a dedicated web Application Programming Interface (API).

Financial reconciliation and comprehensive journaling

Track all financial changes and create detailed journals.

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