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Solent Mind is a registered charity providing a wide range of services to support people with mental health problems across the Southern Region. Wanting to better connect its workforce, simplify reporting processes and provide an improved service to clients, the charity turned to m-hance to see how we could help.


Customer Challenges

  • Solent Mind has over 200 members of staff and 100 volunteers working across 20+ locations.
  • Disparate systems meant that project engagement was invisible to senior managers.
  • Reporting was a complex and time-consuming process for staff, with hundreds of man-hours being used to gather KPIs.
  • Stakeholders were demanding improved visibility.
  • Issues with tracking client interactions and information sharing prevented staff from delivering a consistent service.
  • No fundraising vehicle in place.


The Solution

  • After consulting with m-hance, Solent Mind chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), deciding it was the best system to meet the charity’s needs.


Customer Success

  • Complex KPI data can now be retrieved in minutes instead of days.
  • Staff productivity has increased by 25%.
  • Senior Managers can track real-time data and intervene immediately.
  • Local Authorities and NHS bodies have commissioned Solent Mind to track their data.
  • New business has been won with the CRM system being cited as the deciding factor.
  • Improved information sharing has resulted in a better service for clients.
  • Solent Mind has been acknowledged as a forward-thinking organisation.


Future Plans

Solent Mind is consulting with m-hance to see how NfP 365, a tailored not-for-profit specific solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), can help the charity achieve its ambitious targets by making further improvements; including:

  • Targeted marketing.
  • Cross-departmental communication.
  • Improved community engagement.
  • Volunteer management.
  • Financial procedures including Gift Aid integration.

"With our CRM system staff can retrieve KPI data in minutes instead of days, resulting in a 25% increase in staff productivity.” David Watson, CRM and ICT Manager,

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