Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

What is Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit?

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit brings together Microsoft’s existing cloud platforms together in one place to specifically help charities with the challenges they are most likely to face. Built for fundraisers, volunteer managers, programme managers and other roles unique to charitable organisations, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit enables data and processes from across your organisation to be united on a single platform to drive evidence-based decision-making. Providing you with limitless data and analytics capabilities, it aligns the functionality of applications that many organisations may already be using such as Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure and LinkedIn alongside purpose-built Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit solutions, like Fundraising and Volunteer Management, to address common situations faced by the charity sector – all based on Microsoft’s Common Data Model, a standard set of data tables, attributes and relationships that work across any application, designed to help your charity unite disparate data sources.

Capabilities for the most urgent challenges

Capabilities for the most urgent challenges

We understand that charities have limited resources and so staying up-to-date with technology can be challenging. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit empowers scalable and transformative mission impact. It can help your charity to unlock the power of your data through intelligent and integrated, out-of-the-box cloud solutions, covering Supporter Management, Fundraising, Volunteer Management and Program Delivery. You can choose to get started on one app and expand at your own pace, or deploy multiple solutions together.

What can Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit do?

By aligning the capabilities of existing Microsoft technologies, common challenges within the sector can be addressed:

Know your donors and supporters

For fundraising, you can attract, retain and grow donors with tools that tailor the donor experience and save staff time. Gain deeper insights to align marketing and fundraising teams to create more meaningful supporter connections. Built on Dynamics 365 Sales, this supporter relationship management platform modernises donor and supporter engagement to help organisations increase their mission impact. By standardising data across disparate systems, teams get a holistic view of supporters, donors, volunteers, and programs. Its donation and transaction management and payment gateway integrations result in more seamless financial reconciliation and reporting.

Improve marketing effectiveness with supporter journeys built on Dynamics Customer Insights – Journeys in order to personalise communications based on interactions. Earn lifelong donors by building loyalty through streamlined data and unified technology which deliver personalised experiences.

Deliver effective programming

The Volunteer Management & Engagement Power App enables charities to move to a solution specifically for volunteers. It helps your staff to more efficiently manage day-to-day operations to recruit, onboard, and retain larger pools of volunteers. This technology enables volunteer managers to move from spreadsheets, documents, and systems built for donors and program participants to solutions designed for volunteers. It helps organisations engage and retain more volunteers by making it easier for volunteers to find and apply for engagement opportunities that match their skills, interests, and schedules.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this public-facing web portal interfaces with your external-facing website to facilitate the flow of information between volunteers and volunteer managers. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to enable collaboration on document management.

Accelerate mission outcomes

Unify disparate systems across fundraising, program, finance and operations to drive insights and action across your organisation. Understand the supporters who are most likely to engage, as well as through which channels and at what times. The Program impact dashboard helps nonprofit fundraisers and program managers understand the impact of funds raised, programs delivered, and outcomes achieved. It enables your staff to measure the results of their organisation’s impact so they can report to funders, apply for grants, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

This Power BI template interrelates fundraising and program data in new and transformative ways to simplify reporting on program goals, outcomes, and impact.

Secure donor and program data

Microsoft’s new Security Program for Nonprofits was created to help organisations strengthen their security posture and reduce the risk of cyberthreats. This comprehensive set of offerings enables charities to assess organisational risk, provide proactive monitoring and notification, and train staff on security strategies.

Protect sensitive data and build trust with supporters, program participants and employees using integrated, best-in-class security tools. Secure your hybrid environment and protect your charity across all clouds and platforms. Integrate security tools and prevent, detect and respond to attacks. Deliver rapid, intelligent results and find and resolve critical threats faster.

Get started at a pace that suits your organisation

With unified data, charities can work smarter by raising more revenue, effectively deliver more programs and services to their communities, and more easily measuring the impact they are making. With Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, your organisation can adopt modern technology more easily, faster and less expensive so that you can focus on what you do best; delivering your mission.

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