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Trusted Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities Partner

mhance is a trusted partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the UK, with a team of expert consultants who have a track record of delivering successful projects for the charity sector.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ideal solution for charities that want to grow and improve their efficiency, and we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process. We offer implementation and support services, helping your staff adapt to the software and make the most of its features for your organisation.

Whether you need a new business management system or assistance with migrating data from your existing ERP or Finance system to Dynamics 365 Business Central, mhance is here to assist you.

Powerful cloud-based solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based finance system from Microsoft. You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, backups, or updates of the application, as Microsoft takes care of them for you. You always get the latest version with the best features and compliance.

Dynamics 365 Business Central also integrates well with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and the Dynamics 365 suite, which you can use to manage everything from marketing and fundraising, to volunteers, financials, reporting, and more, in one seamless solution.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities has some extra modules that are useful for charity finance teams. These include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Power BI reporting, and Partial VAT recovery. These modules help your charities with tax, reporting, and payment processing.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities Capabilities

Accurate reporting in real-time

Power BI reporting provides pre-defined financial-based reports, including SORP reports such as SoFA, which give charities a full 360 degree view of all transactions within the financial system in real-time and the ability to share essential information with their stakeholders.

Automate Partial VAT recovery

Ensure your VAT is correctly accounted for through our Partial VAT module. Utilise the functionality within Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities, along with our expertise in assisting charities with complex Partial VAT rules. Save time and avoid operational delays with our effective solution to reclaim VAT correctly, without the need for any 3rd party software.


Tailored Electronic Funds Transfer formats

Our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) module provides facilities for users to create their own EFT/BACS formats to help them manage financial transfers more efficiently and flexibly.

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Categorise financial transactions

The ability to connect transactions to each relevant activity helps charities to understand where and how money is being spent. With our Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities solution, all transactions can be tagged with various reporting categories dependent on your charity’s specific requirements. This ensures that your data can be drilled into easily.

Unify with Office 365

We are finance people too and understand the preference of working in Microsoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office (O365) suite. Our solution works in unison with O365 by providing functionality to easily export data into Excel, amend and publish back into Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities.

Keep track of costs

Budgeting is key for any type of organisation to manage their costs. Dynamics 365 Business Central for charities can have multiple budgets for your reporting categories. Budgets can be exported to Excel, sent out to budget holders and easily imported back ready for reporting.


Control purchases

Purchase control is important for any organisation, but for charities it is vital to make sure spending doesn’t get out of hand. Our solution can create workflows that provide multiple steps of approval as required. The approvers don’t even need access to the finance system, just an email to approve and move on to the next step of the process.


Additional capabilities

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Charities goes beyond standard small to medium-sized organisation ERP functionality and offers multiple currency and document reporting capabilities as well as add-in applications in AppSource.

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