Transform your charity with NfP 365 Accelerator

For smaller charitable organisations, access to modern technology can often be limited due to a lack of funding, resources, time and technical skills. Technology can also feel out of reach as it is commonly developed specifically for larger organisations and is therefore beyond the needs and affordability of most smaller organisations.

Here at m-hance, we understand that the needs of smaller charities are equally as important as those of larger charities and so the right technology can provide a lifeline to the day-to-day running of these organisations, which is why we have developed our free NfP 365 Accelerator resource.


What is the NfP 365 Accelerator?

The NfP 365 Accelerator has been developed from the foundation of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and its Common Data Model (CDM).  The CDM is a secure database that sits in the Microsoft Cloud and is pre-built with a standard set of entities, which are essentially a charity’s core system and fields, for example, their Accounts and Contacts. We have then enhanced this functionality with charity-specific features that will improve the way smaller charities operate.

The aim is to help charities to:

  • Increase their efficiency
  • Improve decision making
  • Increase income
  • Enhance data security and compliance

What can the NfP 365 Accelerator do for your charity?

Store your information safely

NfP 365 Accelerator provides a place for your charity to house and organise every piece of information you have regarding the people who volunteer, support or donate to your organisation. This gives you a complete and detailed view of every interaction each person has with your charity.  What’s more, this information is held securely and enables you to ensure compliance with any relevant data protection regulations including GDPR.

Manage your volunteers

The solution allows you to easily manage the people who volunteer for your charity. From the moment they apply to become a volunteer, NfP 365 Accelerator helps you to vet and approve every person and then store that information securely. It enables you to document the skills every volunteer has, allowing you to deploy the right people to the most appropriate tasks. Furthermore, you can capture every hour that people have volunteered for your charity and connect this time to specific activities that your charity is carrying out such as fundraising events, allowing you to closely monitor the resources required for each activity.

Organise fundraising events

An essential part of almost every charity, NfP 365 Accelerator can assist with the management of your fundraising events. It will allow you to easily coordinate your costs, staffing, donations, volunteers, email communications and more from the one place. This information will then feed into automatically generated, custom-built reports, helping you to see the success of your events.

Monitor your donations

Your charity will benefit from the efficient and effective processing of income via donations with NfP 365 Accelerator. You will be able to see where donations have come from through to where the money has been spent, enabling the people who need to, to have complete visibility, traceability and transparency of every donation.


Additional features

Manage your major donors

Identify and manage the people making the largest donations to your charity.

Report on your good work

See custom built reports showing the most current data.

Manage your legacy donations

Successfully and sensitively manage donations left to your charity as final gifts.

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